Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Binge Viewing Grad"

Binge Viewing Everything Errday: 

Sweet Dee Lucky
Strike Night Crawlers Philly
That’s what she said Jack 

Binge watching massive amounts of Netflix Instant because you’re done with college? Greatest feeling in the world.
The moment I knew I was done writing papers, projects, study sheets, etc. I knew I would be able to get back to watching Netflix a majority of my time.
I have not disappointed myself.

For the past few days I have been watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia non-stop like a champ.
Of course, this also includes me throwing in Mad Men, 30 Rock, and The Office.
I am totally one of those people who rewatches episodes of shows as if I’m a lunatic and enjoy them as much as I did the first time I watched them.

So here is something I learned from college, totally valuable skills by the way, when it comes to watching massive amounts of Netflix.

One: Netflix is glorious especially on your iPad. Easy to watch whenever, wherever, especially when you try to avoid people or papers. Win-win-win, we all win.

Two: My BluRay player with the Netflix app is my newest favorite thing ever. Watching shows on a bigger screen after watching them on my iPad makes a major difference. This does not mean option one is bullshit. It is not.


Three: Netflix’s recommendations are all over the place. But I manage to keep everything in the Recently Viewed option. Which means easier for me to be a lazy bum.

Four: I have become a master at timing how many episodes of shows I can watch in a certain time frame. This does not only require math skills, but bullshit skills when telling someone you’ll meet them in twenty minutes somewhere and you have five minutes left watching an episode of The Office.


Five: I no longer feel guilty when I want to be a bum and do nothing.

Six: I no longer have to pretend I’m not being a bum when I really am.

Seven: I have mastered the art of finding the most obscure shit on Netflix. Fish Tank movie, I’m looking at you.

It is a completely beautiful thing finishing your final four years of college. It is culminating on my first day of “adulthood” with me writing this blog while it thunderstorms outside, fully knowing I will be a bum today.
Things will get progressively worse when Arrested Development comes back later this month. I just know it.
Pure bliss.
Sorry about the It’s Always Sunny gifs. I’m on a roll with that show. Blame Charlie Kelly, Sweet Dee, Mac, Dennis and Frank aka Sausage Fingers.

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