Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Mad Men"

Man Men:

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            Excuse me for being extremely late to the Mad Men party. It is totally unfortunate and I am ashamed of myself.
            I will admit I always heard amazing things about the show Matthew Weiner created. There were people who did not understand how I have never seen the show before.
            And then when House of Cards left a void in my heart, I needed a quick fix.
            Thanks to Netflix recommending me Mad Men, I caved.
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            Jon Hamm is one of my favorites. I loved him in his stint on 30 Rock. Hamm was amazing in Bridesmaids, and even in Saturday Night Live. So why would Mad Men be any different?
            Thankfully it is true. Jon Hamm never ceases to amaze me in Mad Men.
            He is the elusive Don Draper. The man has enough dark secrets that can put a teenaged girl to shame.
            The truth is Don Draper is enigmatic to watch. It is fascinating to watch this guy pull out all the stops in trying to hide his part and his secrets.
I love Don. I really do. (Source)
            Don Draper showcases the life of an advertising executive. The offices of Sterling and Cooper are filled with gossip, booze, and a ton of 1960’s themes.
            It is truly a beautiful thing being able to watch all of these things transpire.
            I personally am a major fan of Betty Draper and Joan Holloway.
            Betty Draper is Don’s poor stay at home wife upstate. Betty has to deal with the kids and try to manage her sanity levels.
            I did not think January Jones would be anything great as Betty Draper. So of course I was pleasantly surprised when I started watching Mad Men.
I give her credit. (Source)
            Betty Draper is a likeable person. She tries her best to maintain her marriage and her home life. But it is not all that easy.
            Joan Holloway is the head secretary in charge at Sterling Cooper. It is so great. Christina Hendricks is amazing while portraying Joan Holloway.
Christina freaking Hendricks. (Source)
            Hendricks adds such a great bitchy persona on the show it is fan-freaking-tastic. Joan is the woman who knows how to handle the men at Sterling Cooper. The greatest part is her ability to take everyone down a few pegs.
            Yes, Mad Men is filled with 1960’s references. Yes, all the characters smoke like it is no big thing. Yes, most of the women are in search of Mr. Right and a ring by the time they are 23. But that is why this show is awesome.
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            I get to watch everything that could have happened in the 1960’s and not live through it.
            I find it fascinating watching life during this time period. Even if it is fictional.
I am only on season two which is unfortunate, but I am pretty sure I will be so involved in this show that I will be done in no time.
So good. (Source)
            Mad Men is one of the best new things I could have ever watched on Netflix.
            Better late than never is my whole excuse to waiting so long for watching Mad Men.
            I am so glad Netflix has about five seasons streaming with availability whenever I want. Because I am addicted to watching this show. 
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