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"30 Rock"

30 Rock:
Oh Alec Baldwin, you devil you. (Source)

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Division Banks

            Who knew that the on screen chemistry between Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin would be one of the greatest things you could ever experience on television? I totally did not think it would be possible.
            30 Rock proves just that.
Liz Lemon on the word "lover". (Source)
            Ever since I started watching the show, I’ve become addicted to the point where watching any random episode is worth it to me.
            I love Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. They are hands down the greatest on screen couple that are not romantically interested in each other ever created.
            There is nothing more fascinating to watch than Jack Donaghy singlehandedly insulting Liz Lemon in practically less than one minute. It is a beautiful sight.
My sentiments exactly, Liz. (Source)
            Tina Fey is one of my biggest role models and idols (besides Amy Poehler, obviously). The fact that she was able to create, write and star in 30 Rock proves how amazing this woman really is.
            I appreciate watching the misadventures of Liz Lemon. Lemon tries so hard to have it all and loses her sanity.
            Lemon is a major nerd. She is also the head writer of “TGS”. She is the typical woman who attempts to balance career and non-existent social life while she has a love affair with food.
Jack is the greatest person, seriously. (Source)
            Alec Baldwin is absolutely amazing. If you want to fight me on this, you are more than welcome to do so. Fair warning I will win, because Alec Baldwin portraying Jack Donaghy is one of God’s gift to the world.
            I wish Jack Donaghy could have his own television show. There is something so beautiful about Donaghy.
            He is a womanizer. He knows people better than they know themselves. He is one of the richest men in the world. And he schemes his way in every situation.
            Jack Donaghy is the most admirable man in the world.
            There is nothing quite like Jack Donaghy’s pearls of wisdom, or his sarcastic responses
Give him all the gold. (Source)
            Jack McBrayer as Kenneth the NBC Page is seriously one of my favorite aspects on the show. Kenneth is the Southern gentleman who is beyond naïve.
            Kenneth is the man who everyone
Advice via Tracy Jordan. (Source)
            Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan is the other greatest joy I get from this show. I swear Tracy Morgan can do no wrong when it comes to this show. In every single episode, Tracy either says or does the most phenomenal things.
Jordan comes up with priceless little sayings and advice that work beautifully. He continually outdoes himself. I just find it hilarious that he manages to outdo himself all the time.
Can we not? (Source)
            The other thing I adore about the show is the depiction of the writer’s room for the show “TGS”. Granted I hope one day to become a writer so this may totally be a biased opinion, but honestly it is a beautiful thing to watch your aspirations get trashed comically on this show.
            Guest stars range from Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Rip Torn and Salma Hayek to many others. Those unexpected guest stars only add to how amazing the quality of the show is.
Oh so perfect. (Source)
            The other great thing about 30 Rock is how people who used to work with Fey on Saturday Night Live will guest star on the show. It is always great to see the comedic chemistry between old cast members on episodes.
            My heart broke when the show ended on NBC, but the only way to mend it was by watching older episodes continuously on Netflix Instant.
Greatest woman alive. (Source)
            I truly believe that 30 Rock is the one show people should watch to get a full understanding of why comedy is perfection.
            Watch one episode and you will understand why Tina Fey is one of the smartest and greatest women in Hollywood.
Just so great. (Source)

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