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Oh Adam, you beautiful man. (Source)

            Maybe I’m a braj, but I seriously love Workaholics. I do not even care if people judge me over this.
            Adam, Blake and Anders are the type of people I want to be friends with. I am not even kidding. This is basically a fact, not just an opinion.
No words. (Source)
            These three are living the life up in California with really shitty jobs in telemarketing. They are insane slackers who go on pretty awesome misadventures.
            Yes, the three of them might be the most obnoxious and unintelligent people in the world but they know how to have an awesome time.
            I have tried so many times tried to decide who is my favorite character but I honestly cannot even choose.
            Adam has his fitness quirks. I won’t even lie, Adam has some of the best comments on the show. He tries so hard to be the ladies man but he is basically no where close to being just that.
My favorite quote from this show ever. (Source)
            Blake and the ‘fro are pretty much perfect. He is the sweet “sensible” one, and I use the term sensible loosely. I don’t know, Blake is just sweet. Whatever, it is adorable.
            Lastly, Anders or “Ders” is the more levelheaded one. He tries to be on top of things. He always fails miserably. I personally cannot even handle his attempts at trying to be the smart one who handles things.
Greatest drug dealer on television. (Source)
            Even their friend/drug dealer Kyle is pretty great. Totally did not think I would ever write something like that ever. And I did.
            Granted, the main reason why I personally love this show is the humor. It is a fantastic newer comedy that most people do not know about.
            There are so many reasons to love this show but the best one I can come up with is the fact that you will never be disappointed with an episode.
I cannot, though. (Source)
            Workaholics is one of those shows that a younger crowd truly appreciates. Every single episode includes some fantastic reference to things like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or even Lord of the Rings. I live for shows that do just this.
            Some of the things depicted on this show seem pretty much on point and realistic. This is the biggest reason why this show is so amazing.
Oh Blake. (Source)
            Unfortunately, Netflix Instant only has season one of Workaholics available. But I am praying to God that there will be more soon.
            It is worth getting into this show in full force. It’s a total given that people will waste many hours watching this show.

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