Monday, April 22, 2013

"The Giant Mechanical Man"

The Giant Mechanical Man:

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Grape drink Monkeys
Trust Jenna Fischer on this. (Source)
            I am such a sucker for romantic comedies. I am an even bigger suck for independent romantic comedies.
            So thank you to Jenna Fischer and Chris Messina, The Giant Mechanical Man blends both beautifully.

The mechanical man with life advice. (Source)

            Chris Messina plays a man trying to live a life he can be proud of. He is a street performer who moonlights as “the giant mechanical man” while fighting with his girlfriend over what he chooses to do in life.
            Jenna Fischer is a woman who tries to be successful at temp jobs to pay her bills. Her younger sister has a successful marriage and life, while Fischer’s life is in disarray.

            Fischer attempts to meet her bills and find a better job. But as she so adeptly puts it, she feels lost. She is unsure of who she is.
            This is a movie that is beautifully crafted.
            The Giant Mechanical Man is a story about love and becoming the person you are meant to be. Messina and Fischer find themselves along the way as their characters connect.

            So yes, I am a total girl. But this movie is not the typical sappy story that shows characters that make the same mistakes over and over in love.
            The Giant Mechanical Man is completely different. It is completely different in a good way.

            Messina and Fischer’s characters face the same issues in their lives even thought they do not cross paths right away.
            The story is fueled by anecdotes that are never seen in typical romantic comedies.
            This is my new favorite romantic comedy.
            I thoroughly enjoy watching everything unfold for this couple that tries to get their shit together. Especially after everything they have been through.

            I appreciate the realistic fears and concerns the characters go through. Experiencing this movie allows you to appreciate what you have.
           The greatest strength of The Giant Mechanical Man is its simplicity. The story is not filled with over the top ideals and aspirations, the characters are average, their lives are basic and the beliefs and goals are ordinary.

            The film is set in Detroit and showcases the drastic issues the city faces.
            Netflix Instant has had The Giant Mechanical Man available for a while. I really did not expect this film to be half as good as it was.
            In all honesty, it is worth watching it. Especially since it has to be one of the most underrated films I have ever seen

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