Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"The Hunger Games"

The Hunger Games:

Volunteer District
12 Poisonous berries
Bow and arrows

Appropriate. (Source)
        Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong in my eyes. This movie shows you part of the reason why she is the queen.
            Of course, as soon as I saw The Hunger Games was streaming on Netflix Instant I was all over it.
            Because it is an obvious choice to watch The Hunger Games. Especially if you adore Jennifer Lawrence.
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            The Hunger Games portrays the survival of the fittest concept.
            Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss, the series’ main protagonist. It is practically an obligation that you root for her.
            Of course, it shows where Katniss is and the poverty levels the community is facing.
            Peeta is elected to compete in “the hunger games” while of course, Katniss volunteers as tribute for her younger sister.
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            The underdogs of the games, Peeta and Katniss are exhibited as the “star crossed lovers” who fall in love.
            How adorable.
            I am more of a fan of watching Lawrence kick ass as Katniss.
            Woody Harrelson is pretty much perfect in everything anyway and this movie is no different.
            Harrelson always plays phenomenal characters. Especially when he acts as this character.
            Harrelson guides the district 12 kids as best as he can.
Aw, Peeta and Katniss. (Source)
            And this includes using themselves to gain brownie points with everyone.
            Then there is Elizabeth Banks. Besides the massive paint job Banks wears as Effie, her mannerisms are pretty fascinating to watch.
            Effie is the over the top representative from the Capitol for District 12 in regards to the games. The juxtaposition between her and Peeta and Katniss
            I personally love Stanley Tucci as well. Tucci plays this over the top fantastic role that proves why he can do no wrong.
            Side note, I find it hysterical that Donald Sutherland acts as the President of Panem. Sutherland was in Animal House, are we serious right now? Sutherland is a great actor.
Perfection. (Source)
            The action sequences on the movie are a trillion times better than other traditional adapted from teen novel series (I’m looking at you Twilight).
            Credit has to be given since it doesn’t look like a silly mythical dream land.
            Everything looks so perfect and beautiful.
            Even the place where the titular hunger games take place.
No words. (Source)
            I love how everyone was targeting Katniss from the beginning of the games, but watching everything unfold is worth watching over and over.
            Netflix Instant did everyone an amazing service by streaming The Hunger Games.
            It is a great entertaining movie.
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