Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Fish Tank"

Fish Tank:

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Why Fish Tank is flawless. (Source)

            I have totally been on a Michael Fassbender kick. Where everything I watch most likely includes Michael Fassbender.
            So Fish Tank served the purpose of featuring Michael Fassbender.
            Apparently Fish Tank has won a lot of awards and acclaim in the United Kingdom. And it won the Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival in 2009.
            The movie follows a teenaged girl named Mia who is being raised by a single mother with her younger sister.
            Mia practices hip hop dancing as a release from her issues. We see her watching old hip hop and rap videos learning how to dance.
Flawless, I say. (Source)
            Michael Fassbender plays the mysterious new Irish boyfriend Connor who Mia’s mother is dating.
            Thank you sweet baby Jesus for Michael Fassbender’s perfect Irish accent.
            I am a fan. So sue me.
            Fish Tank’s director Andrea Arnold manages to create a story filled with broken and flawed characters.
Not so flawless, but still it works. (Source)
            We see aspects of these characters we would never want to see. But that is where Arnold has realism seep through.
            Arnold creates complicated characters that inevitably evolve as human beings for better or worse. And in this film, it is usually for worse.
            Mia tries her best to express herself through dancing.
            The story is set up as a coming of age tale for Mia. Mia attempts to help a horse she believes is starving. She shows compassion for an animal where compassion is barely shown for her in her own life.
Perfection. (Source)
            Connor begins to take an interest in helping her pursue her aspirations in dancing. He even encourages her, something her mother never does.
            The dynamic seems somewhat unlikely but manages to work.
            There should be a warning between Connor and Mia’s dynamic. Be prepared for shit to go down because it does. And I honestly wish someone had warned me because there was a ton of second hand embarrassment for these characters.
            Mia grows as a person thanks surprisingly because of Connor. Connor was a catalyst for her evolution and that is surprising.
            Mia becomes who she is meant to be with someone who cares about her. And for that Fish Tank is brilliant.
Dem eyes. (Source)
            I realized from watching Fish Tank, that this is the beauty of what Netflix is. You randomly select whatever random movie you want to watch and enjoy it.
            I probably would have never watched Fish Tank if it was not for Netflix Instant. But I am glad I did.
            Not just because of Michael Fassbender and his flawless self. But because I would have never discovered what a great director Andrea Arnold is.
             Yes, this is a girly movie but whatever. Get over it. It’s worth watching.
No words, though. (Source)

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