Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"House of Cards"

House of Cards:

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Not even gonna lie about House of Cards being amazing. (Source)

            I am really pissed off that I binge watched House of Cards. And I am equally pissed off that there was no more than thirteen episodes available of House of Cards.
            It is devastating when you come to that thirteenth episode. I really mean it.
            For the sake of everyone’s sanity I am not giving away spoilers. Because it sucks when people do that. And they are pretty much horrible for it.
Spacey is a king. (Source)
            Maybe it is an advantage that Kevin Spacey and David Fincher work beautifully together. Maybe it is because they are both pretty amazing and are pretty much geniuses. But words cannot describe how amazing House of Cards is.
            Kevin Spacey plays Francis Underwood a man who is on a massive mission to ruin those who crossed him. Damn you, Kevin Spacey you brilliant man. I never thought I would root for a self-entitled and ruthless individual as much as I rooted for Frank Underwood.
            There is something so great about watching Kevin Spacey. I do not know why he is amazing. I have this odd fascination with him. It is totally weird. But his performance in House of Cards is how I am trying to justify it.
Greatest gif in existence. (Source)
            Robin Wright plays his wife Claire. Claire is just as ruthless as her spouse. Claire takes care of herself by running a lot. She randomly buys Francis a rowing machine much to his chagrin. I have to admit that stupid scene was one of my favorites between the two. I have no idea why.
            David Fincher is one of my favorite directors of all time. He manages to do brilliant things consistently. His directing style is easily seen throughout House of Cards. I am so thankful he created this series.
            So when I saw David Fincher and Kevin Spacey were teaming up again for House of Card, I was majorly excited. I could not contain myself.
            If you do not understand why the Fincher/Spacey dynamic is amazing you have not watched the movie Seven. Seven shows you how awesome the duo are when they work together. And it is amazing.
So good. (Source)
            Thankfully, House of Cards will not let fans of the two working together down.
            The beauty that is House of Cards must be witnessed by everyone. It should be mandated that if you have Netflix Instant, you must watch this series.
            I am still livid I have no more new episodes to watch until they get released again, but I can deal. This is just because I know amazing things are to come with the series.

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