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Sterling or Duchess
Monster hands Scotch Gummy
Bears Just the tip

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            Congratulations FX, you make amazing television shows.
            There is something studly and attractive about Sterling Archer. I mean even if he is a cartoon character he’s still pretty much perfect.
            Sterling is the reason why Archer exists.
            There are so many great witty one-liners and sarcastic quips made by Sterling that proves why the show is that amazing.
            Part of the time you never expect what to come out of Sterling’s mouth. But he comes out with gems.
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            Sterling is the attractive guy who also happens to be a spy for ISIS. Sterling Archer has his mother as his boss, and works with his ex-girlfriend.
            Archer blends family dysfunction with lunatic workplace issues beautifully. Every single episode revolves around issues Sterling Archer has with his mother or with a fellow coworker.
Archer's mother. (Source)
            Sterling Archer’s mother Malory Archer is a complete mess who tries to use ISIS to her own advantage. It’s even better that she is seemingly always drunk and rude.
            Lana Kane is Sterling’s ex-girlfriend. Lana gives Sterling a run for his money time and time again.
            The other various coworkers utilized in the series make for even better storylines. The stories are borderline ridiculous but they are always funny beyond belief.
Coworkers of Archer's. (Source)
            The greatest thing about the show is the mixture of random pop culture references. There are so many film and music references that it is insane.
            Archer is beyond funny. It is a show that more people should be watching. It is completely underrated, it is so unfortunate.
            It is insane how quickly the episodes go by. You could watch six episodes in a row without even realizing it.
            You will be instantly hooked into watching Archer by just the first episode. That is honestly all it takes.
            Of course, Netflix Instant would have more than enough episodes to last a few days.
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