Friday, March 29, 2013

"Young Adult"

Young Adult:

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She's so great though. (Source)
            Seriously, people need to tell you how depressing movies are before they tell you to watch them. They need to give you a fair warning so you’re prepared.
            Everyone told me Young Adult was an amazing movie. Yet, these same people failed to inform me that at times it would be beyond painful to watch.
            And I’m not exaggerating. Some of the scenes were just painful.
Oh Mavis. (Source)
            I entirely blame the character of Mavis for this pain.
            Charlize Theron is Mavis, a young adult fiction ghostwriter who travels back to her hometown in an attempt to win back her high school boyfriend.
            Snazzy, right?
            No. Not at all.
That face. (Source)
            Charlize Theron’s acting was great. She morphed into this horrible young adult author, and it was fascinating to watch.
            Theron plays the queen of train wrecks. Mavis was a fucking mess.
            I felt bad for her dog Dulce more than I felt sorry for Mavis. Poor Dulce was stuck in a hotel room and barely walked while her owner tried to wreck a marriage.
First reason to watch this movie. (Source)
            The best part of this movie was Patton Oswalt as the handicapped Matt. Matt had a rough time in high school, figuratively and literally.
            Oswalt did an amazing job of keeping up with Theron on screen.
            Oswalt provided comedic relief when needed. Thank God for that.
Second reason to watch movie. (Source)
            I was more enthralled with Jason Reitman’s directing style. Reitman is always able to show these broken protagonists in a light that makes you pity them
            Diablo Cody’s writing worked. It showcased this flawed Mavis, and I actually pitied her for about two whole minutes.
            Major kudos goes to Cody though. She knows how to make flawed characters exceptionally entertaining to watch.
            Yes, I found Mavis at times to be entertaining. But these times were only with Matt on screen.
Prolific. (Source)
            Some scenes were too painful to watch. I literally would cringe in my seat watching what was happening.
            These cringe worthy scenes outnumbered the normal scenes.
            But in all honesty, it is worth watching this film. It embodies the sadness of a woman living in her past.
            Young Adult is available on Netflix Instant. But here’s your warning. It is super depressing.