Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Safety Not Guaranteed"

Safety Not Guaranteed haiku:

Ocean View Training
Washington Seattle Magazine
Time Machine Intern

            I adore Aubrey Plaza. I love Mark Duplass. So, the only logical conclusion I could come to in terms of Safety Not Guaranteed was that I would adore and love the movie at the same time because of them.
            I was right.
            Safety Not Guaranteed is not your typical love story.
            Darius (Aubrey Plaza) is a lonely and slightly depressed intern living at home with her single father. She attempts to get a paying job, while working as an intern but comes up unsuccessful.

Oh Aubrey, you perfect person. (Source)
            Darius goes with her boss and a fellow intern to discover the man behind a personal ad seeking someone to time travel with him. The key is that safety isn’t guaranteed.
            John (Mark Duplass) is a strange and quirky supermarket worker. He is the man behind the ad.
            As the film goes on, we see the story unfold between every character.
            Darius and John grow closer together. John begins training with Darius trying to take her under his wing.
Darius and John training. (Source)
            Darius’s boss Jeff goes to meet a woman from his past. He attempts to reconnect with her.
            All of the characters have their issues that they try to work out.
            Safety Not Guaranteed is a beautiful movie. The characters are flawed people, but the story focuses on how genuine feelings can work.
            Darius has issues coming from her mother’s death. John has issues in believing that he must time travel to save someone he loves and cares about.
            John gets Darius to open up to him. This is where we see the love story between the two of them begin.
Crazy Duplass is the best Duplass. (Source)
            There are no words to describe how beautiful this film is. The characters have genuine realizations that allow them to complete transformations. It was beautiful to see the transformation undergo.
            The screenplay by Derek Connelly is a magnificent one. The struggle of the characters is depicted beautifully.
            Colin Trevorrow’s directing is phenomenal as well. The atmosphere created by Trevorrow allows the whole story to come together.
            Netflix Instant has Safety Not Guaranteed available for everyone’s viewing pleasure. It is totally worth watching the film.
            Safety Not Guaranteed breaks barriers beyond just being a simple love story. If you want to see a film so beautiful this is the one.

Darius's boss, Jeff. (Source)