Monday, March 4, 2013

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia haiku:

Night crawlers Green man
McPoyle “Kitten mittens”
The dumpster baby

If you hear me singing the lyrics to "Dayman" please blame It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. More specifically, blame Charlie Kelly.

That scene will forever live with me. It will always be impossible to top.

The show itself is pretty genius. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is the show that changed everything for comedy television.
            Ever since It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia premiered that have been many more shows that have debuted like it.
            The gang is great. I want to be part of the gang.
The gang is awesome. (Source)
            Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly completes my life. I would watch anything with him looped continuously and wouldn’t bat an eye.
            Charlie Kelly is this lovable idiotic man. He is in love with the waitress from the coffee shop. He is pretty much illiterate.
The lyrics to "Dayman". (Source)            
            I am such a major fan of Charlie it is ridiculous. He can do no wrong ever.
            Mac is the typical dumb meathead. Surprisingly he is also a “devout” Catholic. I use the term devout loosely.
            It’s always funny to me to see how womanizing Mac tries to be. And usually he fails miserably.
            The best episodes are when Charlie and Mac come up with obnoxious plans to swindle their way into getting what they want.
            Charlie and Mac are the dynamic duo.
            Dennis and Sweet Dee are the twins of the show. They tote their college degrees but are just as ridiculous as Mac and Charlie.
            Sweet Dee usually does not get included in a lot of gang related activities. That’s why Dee is great. She is a loud mouth feisty feminist. And she is awesome.
            Dennis is the smart guy who tries way too hard to get girls. His D.E.N.N.I.S. system to dating is ridiculous in a good way to watch (and learn).
            Danny DeVito plays Frank Reynolds. I cannot handle him.
Frank Reynolds makes everything okay. (Source)
            I think it was a crazy good idea to make Charlie and Frank roommates. They share everything, including a bed. So freaking amazing. Words can’t describe how hilarious it is.
One of my favorite episodes is where the gang tries to figure out who “pooped the bed”. It was a full-blown CSI investigation.
Danny DeVito is epic in this show.
This is for my friend Lauren who always sends me this gif. (Source)

There are a ton of seasons available on Netflix Instant. I watched them way too quickly and regret it.
I never realized how quickly I would go through watching the show. It was the worst feeling ever being caught up.
I would recommend It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia to everyone.