Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Parks and Recreation"

Parks and Recreation haiku:

Chicky chicky parm
parm Pyramid of greatness
Meat tornado Perd

Ron Swanson dancing to a Flo Rida song will be one of the greatest thing ever to air on NBC. I am dead serious.

I basically want to meet a Ron Swanson in real life and men should take their cues from this beast. He is what every man should aspire to.
There is nothing greater in life than watching the lives of Pawnee residents. Especially when the residents are Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope.

Ron Swanson is great. I'm sorry. (Source)
            I have learned so much about myself from watching Parks and Recreation. Ironically, I have also learned about how city council works.
            The show can be viewed as absurd or ridiculous for those who don’t watch it regularly or get the jokes. But realistically, maybe that’s why the show is awesome. Its ridiculousness is what makes it so great.
            Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope will be one of the greatest women ever on television. She really is.

It is upsetting that more people do not understand why Amy Poehler is so great. It’s unnerving to me, how people still don’t understand how awesome Amy Poehler is. I don’t get it.
 Leslie Knope is a character with a ton of ambition. She stops at nothing to get what she wants.
Her bravado is what every woman should aspire to. Even if she is a fictional character.

Why I love Amy Poehler. (Source)

Ron Swanson is the greatest man alive. He is the epitome of masculinity. The man loves bacon, steak, scotch and woodwork.
I am not kidding when I say every man should look upon Ron Swanson as the guide to being a man. He is the manliest man I have ever seen on a show.
And not many men can rock that Swanson moustache, but it looks damn good on him.

            I have been compared to April a ton of times. And when I say a ton of times I mean daily, on a regular basis.
            Yes, I can be very apathetic. Yes, I am too sarcastic. Yes, I make faces at people.
            So this is why April Ludgate is pretty much my twin.

Why April Ludgate is awesome. (Source)

Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer deserves everything in life. This is probably the one character people don't understand the greatness here.
Rashida Jones as the hopeless Anne Perkins brightens my life. Anne Perkins is the typical best friend in the series who Leslie always compliments and lets her know she's beautiful. The dynamic between them is adorable.
Even more entertaining is Anne's failed relationships. You want to see Anne happy and with a man. And somehow little Miss Beautiful doesn't have this happen.
One of the best things ever to exist from NBC. (Source)
I feel like I owe it to the show to comment on how genuinely hilarious Aziz Ansari is as Tom Haverford. His stoic face breaking into a smile kills me everything. And if it wasn't for Tom the world would not understand things such as chicky chicky parm parm and how to mc a wedding.
Honorable mention is Retta as Donna. Learning to treat yo self and live tweeting is the amazingness she has bestowed on the world. And I love her on Twitter, especially when she “live tweets” her favorite shows.
Plus, I'm not mentioning Jerry on purpose because he's Jerry soooo….
            Thankfully, Netflix Instant has about four seasons of Parks and Recreation readily available for everyone to watch. It is worth wasting a ton of your time watching the show because it really is that awesome and amazing.


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