Monday, February 18, 2013

"Dave Grohl Lately"

A haiku for Dave Grohl:

Nirvana drummer
Foo fighter Sound city
Self-taught God

Dave Grohl (Source)

                I am a fan of Chelsea Handler and her show “Chelsea Lately”. I am an even bigger fan of Chelsea Handler, because she allowed Dave Grohl to guest host “Chelsea Lately” while she was away in London.

Worth it. (Source)
                Dave Grohl is a genius. Dave Grohl is basically a god. Dave Grohl is also extremely funny. If you don't believe me, YouTube everything involving Dave Grohl.
                I have been a massive Dave Grohl fan ever since I saw the "Learn to Fly" music video. Slowly I have become more and more insane whenever he is mentioned.
                So like a psycho, I became elated when I saw Chelsea Handler's tweet informing the world that Dave Grohl would be guest hosting on her show.

Perfect. (Source)
                Of course, I totally DVRed the shit out of that. Because how could I not?
                And then I decided to watch all four episodes within two hours on a boring Saturday afternoon. Best decision ever. Just because of Dave Grohl.
Who wouldn't love this man? (Source)
                On the first day of taking over, Chelsea’s sidekick Chuy called Dave Dan. Dave’s response was flawless. The next night, Dave asked Chuy was band he was from. The answer was the Goo Goo Dolls. Dave Grohl’s response was priceless.
                Another reason why Dave Grohl is awesome in this setting is because he pretty much speaks his mind about everything. And everything includes what is going on with music today.
                Since I am a major fan of watching people like Dave Grohl comment on other bands and their music, I pretty much prayed it would happen while he guest hosted.
I was totally in luck. Grohl commented on both Maroon 5 and their new fragrance (who knew?). Then he commented on listening to a Coldplay album in its entirety (which Grohl stated no one would be able to do it). 
I have no idea why I found his commentary so entertaining. But Dave Grohl has some pair for saying something on the air that most people would gloss over. Especially since way too many people like Maroon 5 and Coldplay.
Explaining his success. (Source)
                I live for the moments when Dave Grohl showcases his amazingness. He pretty much nailed it with the sketches he was in featuring the writers of “Chelsea Lately”. This even included a history lesson in how music has evolved.
                Plus, it is pretty fun watching Dave Grohl interview fellow musicians like Elton John and Rick Springfield. The banter Grohl has with the guests is shows how everything in life can be perfect.
                Grohl performed on the show at the end of some episodes as well. Can’t we all just enjoy Dave Grohl on guitar and drums and be happy? Yes, of course we can.
This makes my life. (Source)
                I am a huge fan of Dave Grohl. I think he is pretty much the greatest person ever. Watching him guest host on “Chelsea Lately” just added to this love I have.
                Who knew the drummer of Nirvana and “that guy from the Foo Fighters” would ever be on a television show geared towards women? So freaking great.
                It is more than worth it trying to find the episodes Dave Grohl hosted online or on demand. It is worth doing anything to watch Dave Grohl be a hilarious and perfect human being.
               The moral of the story is Dave Grohl can do no wrong. He is amazing. Everyone should just watch those four episodes of "Chelsea Lately" he hosted because of this.


  1. What was said about the goo goo dolls?