Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Celeste and Jesse Forever"

A haiku ode for “Celeste and Jesse Forever”:

Divorce Yoga Trend
Ikea dresser robot
Belgium Weed Vegan

            I am a major fan of Karen Filippelli Ann Perkins Rashida Jones. So when it came to “Celeste and Jesse Forever”, I pretty much figured I would be a fan of the movie. My logic came to this conclusion since Jones co-wrote it and in general she pretty much can do no wrong.
            Jones plays the titular Celeste, and Andy Samberg plays Jesse. Anyone who is a fan of the two of them will not be disappointed by their performances in this movie. They make an adorable couple. The best part is it’s believable. 
They are adorable, can we not? (Source)
The movie opens with their blossoming relationship from high school, to college and into their adult life. Then there is the glimpse at the demise. We are segued into this weird relationship Celeste and Jesse have. Still married, but just separated. Not living together in the main house, but Jesse still lives in the garage.
I feel slightly bad for admitting this but it was kind of funny. We see the vulnerability of both Celeste and Jesse in this weird pseudo love relationship. But we also get to see the dysfunction. I really enjoy watching dysfunctional people in movies because it makes me try to think I’m perfectly normal and okay (even if this is false).
I can't take it. (Source)
            I am a huge fan of Celeste’s little quirks and nuisances because it is more than relatable. Her downward spiral into copious amounts of weed and beer is poetic. She emotionally eats like a champ. And like a true female, Celeste attempts to outrun her problems literally. Every time someone tries to comfort her, her response is “I’m fine.” Pretty typical, girl.
The woman does no wrong. (Source)
            It is worth watching “Celeste and Jesse Forever” just to see Frodo Baggins Elijah Wood play Scott, Celeste’s partner in co-owning a media trend company. I cannot express my adoration for Elijah Wood as Scott. He does not get that much screen time, but he when he does he is a perfect human being. It’s a weird thing but Elijah Wood playing a gay guy co-owning a media trend company makes me so happy. It is beyond weird, I totally admit that.
I love him, too. (Source)
As for Jesse in this whole situation, this is rough. I want to feel bad for him. But then I don’t. Watching his part in the demise of the Celeste and Jesse dynamic is painful. Any viewer will see how Celeste reacts to him and what he’s done to her, and of course this will be the basis of judgment.
For the record, I never thought I would see Andy Samberg in an overly dramatic role. Then I watched this. It was kind of shocking to see him in a role that was more dramatic than comedic, and even more shocking that he was pretty awesome at that. Clearly, I had really low expectations.
I am championing for everyone to put “Celeste and Jesse Forever” on their DVD Netflix queue. Rashida Jones is amazingly awesome. The movie is a perfect romantic comedy that is not obnoxiously girly by any means. I know I loved this movie because of the realism. This isn’t a cotton candy movie, and for this I love Rashida Jones that much more.
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