Monday, February 25, 2013

"Silver Linings Playbook"

Silver Linings Playbook haiku:

Pat Garbage Bag Bi-
Bi-polar Nikki Kenny
G Crabby snack

The moment I saw Silver Linings Playbook in November, everything for me completely changed.
It might be because David. O Russell is a brilliant director and writer.
The reason could be because Bradley Cooper in a role that showcased what a phenomenal actor he is just works.
Or maybe it’s because I love Robert DeNiro and watching him rise like a phoenix from mediocre films makes me happy.

Brilliant. (Source)

But I really believe it’s because I have a massive girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. And she is a queen.
It is a combination of everything though, let’s be real.
We live in a world where happiness is taken for granted. And the reason why this movie is phenomenal is because it showcases just that. I never thought I would ever see a drama and romantic comedy that would feature mental illness and make me believe in the beauty that is life. Congratulations David O. Russell you proved me wrong.
Bradley Cooper as Pat, the bipolar divorced man who is completely at a lost in life works.
If someone had told me I’d come to love Bradley Cooper for a portrayal of someone so fucked up in the head, I would have disagreed. Then I saw him as Pat, and I realized I was an idiot.
Perfection. (Source)

Pat runs a lot. He even wears a sexy garbage bag while running. How attractive. He throws a Hemingway book out a window, complains to his parents how Hemingway showcases life horribly, and tries to run away from his feelings for Tiffany.
I want to meet a Pat (who looks like Bradley Cooper). I am totally serious about this. I’m not kidding. I pray I meet a Pat while running.

I love you. (Source)

Then there is Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany. And Jennifer Lawrence is flawless.
Tiffany is a woman who proclaims she is a crazy person with issues. Tiffany is also the woman who changes everything for Pat.
Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany makes me really really happy. She is my age, and she managed to kill this role. My mind is completely blown. 

Queen. (Source)

I’m a sucker for these love stories that focus on flawed human beings who try to grow as people. And this movie fits the criteria.
David O. Russell meticulously added every single detail that would go unnoticed, to make this story work.
Thank you sweet baby Jesus that Jennifer Lawrence won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong.

The reason why this movie is brilliant.

I have seen Silver Linings Playbook twice already. And I’m going to see it again a third time, because I decided it would be a birthday gift to myself and I can. Plus I’m obsessed so it’s validated.
So Silver Linings Playbook might not be available to be queued right now, I know. But I am in the mindset that everyone should experience this movie for his or her self because words don’t do it justice. I can’t apologize.