Monday, February 11, 2013

"The Walking Dead"

“The Walking Dead” bits in haiku form:

One eyed Governor
Dale Fish tank heads Hershel’s farm
Michonne katana

            It has to be slightly unnatural how easy it is to gravitate towards a show about zombies/”walkers” and survival. “The Walking Dead” not only provides awesome gore but depicts seemingly average people trying to survive in this apocalyptic world. The show is able to draw people in and basically never lets them go.
            I am a huge fan of watching walkers get killed in every episode. But I am amazed how the show runners are able to come up the most creative ways to kill walkers in each episode. But this isn’t my favorite thing about the show.
             My favorite part of the show is watching this group of survivors. Viewers see every single struggle they face. It is one of the most fascinating things to watch. Every viewer is able to witness their disputes. They fight about food, they fight about people, and they pretty much fight over everything.
 I think that this is what makes the show that much more real. Some part of us puts ourselves in that situation and debates what we would have done. I will sit with friends and debate what should have gone down after every episode.
            Daryl is one of my favorite characters in this show. I would watch a show about just him and his crossbow. I really love what an amazing character Daryl is. There are little things you notice about Daryl as the series progresses, which makes him that much more lovable. He is able to hold his own and fight against walkers and other humans alike but this isn’t the only side to him.
This has to be the best Daryl moment ever. (Source)

We see Daryl bond with Carl. We see him search for Sophia. I live for the moments where Daryl is shown as a sweet guy. Seeing Daryl holding a baby was where the writers struck gold.
             So in my mind, the other best character is Michonne hands down. Michonne is the strongest female character on the show. She is introduced as this warrior with two walker “pets” who are missing jaws and arms, and are chained by their necks. Can we not even pretend that isn’t amazing?
Just majorly bad-ass. I have no other words. (Source)
            So I figured where my love of Michonne stems. Michonne is very reminiscent of Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 (another woman who kicked major ass). It is pretty kick-ass to have a character who knows how to defend herself with a katana better than some of the guys on the show. My favorite episodes are ones where Michonne gets to use her katana; I can’t even lie about that.
            Andrea has to be my least favorite character in any show ever. In the beginning, Andrea never bothered me. But all of a sudden she has turned into someone I want to mute every single chance I get. I really appreciate my friends who don’t judge me over this hate, probably because they hate her just as much as I do. Andrea needs someone to explain to her how stupid she is being because I can’t take it anymore.
            So I guess this will make sense to some, but I really miss Dale. I miss his “surprised” facial expressions. I miss his little snarky all-knowing comments paired with the “I know what you just did” face. I miss his stupid RV. I miss Dale and Glenn’s bonding moments.
I really miss this beautiful face. (Source)
            I miss him and it sucks. I still have unresolved issues over missing Dale. We all know that if Dale was around, things would be a whole lot different in the group. And for the record, Hershel will never replace Dale in my heart.
            I am the type of person who would swear to only watch one more episode of anything on Netflix Instant before staying up until three AM to watch four more episodes. And this is how I became a “The Walking Dead” junkie. Once you start watching this show you can’t stop.
From this experience, I would suggest to anyone who has not seen the show not watch it continuously that early in the morning. I made that horrible mistake. Every time a walker popped out of nowhere I jumped, and I pissed off my dog who was trying to sleep next to me. I can promise you that you will scare the shit out of yourself. So don't be a hero.