Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Portlandia haiku:

Ay-oh river Is
it local Eddie Vedder
tattoo Bird on it

            I am not going to lie. Fred Armisen is the reason why I love Portlandia so much. I have come to accept this.

            There is something beautiful about grungy and dirty people with facial hair and piercings. Clad in flannels, dresses and boots. It is basically the typical uniform of the 90’s.
            I always wondered if there was a place in the 21st century that featured this.
            Portlandia answered this question from the first sketch.
            Sketch comedy rules everything. This is the reason why Portlandia is so successful.
            Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein star in this IFC show. Between the two of them, they have been able to nab a ton of guest stars.
            A lot of guest stars come from Saturday Night Live. Thank Lorne Michaels for being an executive producer
            I am a huge fan of Armisen from Saturday Night Live, and thankfully this show is basically Armisen on steroids.

Cannot be topped. (Source)

            The show utilizes various reoccurring sketches and characters on the show.
            My favorite character duo is Lance and Nina. Carrie plays the brutish Lance while Armisen plays Nina.
            I have no idea why but Armisen playing a woman kills me every time. It’s the high pitch voice paired with the obnoxious red wig.
            Even better is Nina trying so desperately to make Lance show his love for her. It’s just pretty much perfect to watch.

Nina and Lance. (Source)

            Peter and Nance are the over the top obnoxious yuppie couple living in Portland. They are hilarious to watch.
            Peter and Nance over pack for things like trips, excursions and day events. The two of them bring huge backpacks packed overly just to go on a “hike”.

I just love him. (Source)

            Honorable mention is Toni and Candance the two major feminists who run the “Women and Women First” bookstore. I live for watching this sketch every single time. They kill me as the uber feminists who cannot stand  men.

The feminists. (Source)

            Portlandia is a quick show to watch. It took me less than three days to watch the two seasons available on Netflix Instant. They’re that addicting.
            If you’re a major Fred Armisen fan, or even fan of sketch comedy it is worth watching Portlandia.