Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Breaking Bad"

A haiku for the greatest show ever: 

Heisenberg Lily
Of the valley Blue meth
Gus Fried chicken

            Nothing on television will ever top seeing Bryan Cranston clad in tidy whiteys and a gas mask, driving an RV in the desert of New Mexico like a mad man. There will never be an intensely perfect scene in a pilot that can top that.
            "Breaking Bad" is the show that changed everything for me. It was the first show I ever watched on Netflix Instant. It was also the show that forced me into an epiphany that the gems I had been watching were mediocre shit at best.
            Vince Gilligan is a genius. Bryan Cranston is brilliant. Aaron Paul is phenomenal. These are my top three reasons why "Breaking Bad" is amazing.  
            I love Walter White. I love Heisenberg. I think Bryan Cranston is probably the closest thing to an acting god we will ever see on a basic cable drama. He was Malcolm’s dad, and now he’s a cook. Brilliant. Cranston’s portrayal of this character undergoing downward spiral is nothing short of amazing. I have so much love for Walt and Cranston that it’s pretty intense. This guy was so lovable in the beginning and turns so much darker and grittier. Not many shows can produce such an insane transition.
            Jesse is this person whose imperfections make you love him.  He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Jesse is even kind of an idiot with his friends. Yet everything changes and Jesse begins to gain points as to why he is such a great character. Throughout the seasons, Jesse makes these personality changes for the better. I love Aaron Paul so much. There would be no Jesse without Aaron Paul’s dynamic portrayal of him. I live for Jesse shouting, “yeah bitch”. And I mean really, Paul makes everything Jesse does pretty freaking adorable.
You are such a genius, Jesse. (Source)

            Skylar is one obnoxious lady. I despise her with such a passion, and I don’t even think despise really covers my hatred for her. In the beginning, it is understandable to feel bad for her. Then in the later seasons, she turns into this raging idiot. Not only is she a raging idiot as well as delusional. There is so many times where I wish that something bad would happen to her. I wish Gus had fulfilled that vendetta that he promised Walt, but of course unfortunately he didn’t.
            I feel like I must voice how much I love Hank. He is this good guy DEA agent who clearly is Captain Oblivious. Heisenberg is his white whale, and the man has no idea how close he really is to Heisenberg. I enjoy seeing Hank, this macho guy, living in a house decorated in intense purple. I also enjoy Hank being a typical cop with a sense of humor. I like Hank. I can’t explain what it is about him that makes him such a fun character to watch but he just is.
            I debated discussing Gus, since it would reveal so much for those who haven’t seen the show. But I think it’s obnoxious to talk about “Breaking Bad” without even mentioning Gus in his own little paragraph. Gus is ruthless. Gus is crazy. Gus is psychotic. Gus is the best villain I have ever seen on television. I would be doing everyone a disservice if I did not say this. Gus is the meanest character, but this show did such a great job of unraveling this villain.
            There are so many other characters that deserve mentioning. Mike, Walt Junior, Saul, and Tuco among countless others create a perfect balance paired with the stars of the show. There are not enough words to describe how great in their own right these characters are.
I don't know why I find Walt Jr hysterical but I do. (Source)

            So many scenes in “Breaking Bad” are just crazy good. There is the scene where the fly torments Walt and Jesse is pretty much everything anyone could ever ask for. Then there’s the scene in the pilot with the RV that will forever be engrained in my head. All of the beautiful cook scenes juxtaposed with classical music. Freaking flawless. The best for me is where Walt truly turns into Heisenberg in the crawl space, manically laughing. Every single camera movement is pure genius.
            The writers, directors and producers on the show deserve every single accolade. The show is brilliant.  It is painfully obvious that there is so much thought into every single detail that goes into this show. There are so many scenes that were strategic and just downright flawless.  Every detail made in every second of this show is carefully planned and oh so poignant. I have never watched a show that has executed what this show has.
            I pray to God, when “Breaking Bad” ends that Vince Gilligan creates another show as soon as possible. I owe him my sanity for showing me what a television drama should be like, and for that I will be forever indebted to him. He just doesn’t know it.

Oh Heisenberg, don't I know it. (Source)