Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Saturday Night Live: Christoph Waltz"

Christoph Waltz haiku:

Dr. King Schultz
Au revoir Shoshanna Hans
Landa Bingo Cream

               The moment I saw "Saturday Night Live" announce that Christoph Waltz would be hosting on February 16, I flipped out. Of course, I then preceded to text all my friends who would freak out at the news as much as I did.
I have such a weird fascination for Christoph Waltz. It’s painfully obvious that I must thank Quentin Tarantino for placing this Austrian in my life.
Here is something I never really knew. Christoph Waltz is hilarious. I have watched Conan and Jimmy Fallon among countless others interview him. And yes, he was funny. I honestly never thought he would be hilarious.
I was proven once again that my low expectations were wrong. Christoph Waltz is in fact a very hilarious man.
            Christoph Waltz in his opening proved why he is an amazing man. He sang “smile damn you smile” while dancing along the stage. I wish he could sing this to me on a daily basis because I would smile all the time. The opening was funny due to the featured players of “SNL” coming onto the stage donned in German gear while using German puns. Of course, this happened due to most people thinking Waltz is German. Honorary mention for Taran Killam dressed as “casual Hiter” because Killam kills it all the time.
The game show “What have you done?” sketch was pretty on point.  Its premise had contestants reflect on their lives and if they are happy. I realized I play this game on a daily basis. Best thing out of this sketch was watching Christoph Waltz dance his way off the stage.
Waltz was featured in a typical spoof on advertisements that “SNL” always includes. This time they used the retirement aspect. And surprisingly, Waltz played a retiring pope. Seeing Christoph Waltz play a pope who is adjusting to his new carefree lifestyle is hilarious. It is even funnier when he’s cooking wearing a “bless this mess” apron. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed watching Waltz play a retired pope.
The Tarantino spoof “Djesus Uncrossed” is probably the one thing huge Tarantino fans will appreciate. Taran Killam impersonating Brad Pitt as St. Peter was worth everything. The hugely unsung hero is Kenan Thompson playing Ving Rhames as Pontius Pilot. Christoph Waltz played Jesus, of course. The whole skit was so perfect. Including the Django music converted to say “Jesus”. Blasphemous or not, it was great.

Waltz as Jesus will kill me every time. (Source)

I think one of the greatest sketches Waltz was in was the “Jamarcus Brothers” skit. Christoph played one of the brothers along with Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah. Waltz played the very sexually inexperienced brother who shouted out the most awkward lyrics to hit songs such as “Let’s Take a Shower” and “I’ll Go First And Then You Can Go”. The lyrics paired with the soulful dancing are just flawless.
The other greatest skit of the night included Fred Armisen and Christoph Waltz playing a couple. In this skit Regine (Armisen dressed as a woman) accompanies Waltz while he is meeting friends. Regine is a super brash and extremely obnoxious woman who has no problem with PDA. I am a huge fan of Armisen dressed as a woman; his manners kill me every time. It is even funnier watching the dynamic between Waltz and Armisen. I always find it entertaining to watch which featured player can make the other one laugh hysterically. Hats off to Armisen as Regine for getting Hader to not be able to control himself in the skit.
Regine and Waltz, can we not? (Source)
I am extremely happy I DVRed this “Saturday Night Live” episode. Waltz showcased why he is an amazing human being. The Oscar winner totally went there with “SNL” and it paid off. He really proved why he is a hilarious Austrian man.

Damn you, you perfect man. (Source)


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