Sunday, February 10, 2013

"The League"

My favorite things about “The League” in the haiku form:

Shiva bowl shuffle
Forever unclean Rafi bomb
Dirty Randy collusion

            The most beautiful thing about "The League" is the fact that it is one of the funniest shows that has ever aired. It enables people who hate football to enjoy a show about guys and their fantasy football league. Plus the best part is having friends to say perfect phrases such as “frittata”, “forever unclean” and “collusion” to them without having to sound like a complete idiot. My vocabulary is filled with “The League”isms and I am not complaining one bit. Thankfully, neither are my friends.
            Since swindling many of my friends into watching “The League”, I now am able to categorize people I know into Ruxins, Tacos, Petes, Kevins, Andres, and Rafis. This is a fun pastime of my friends and I. You can waste hours doing this, it has happened to me.
            To be completely honest, one of my best discoveries that occurred on Netflix will always be "The League". It has been a love affair for the two of us ever since day one.
            I have a few different theories as to why I have a massive amount of love for the show. It might be because Pete is adorable and warms my icy little heart routinely with every episode. I do not know any woman who would not like Pete. I really think only robots would not like him.
            A more logical reason would be because Ruxin is more sarcastic and biting than I am. Plus I have massive thing for world hating cynical people who also enjoy football. Another added bonus is Jeff Goldblum’s portrayal as Ruxin’s dad. The man is even more cynical than his son.
Damn you Ruxin, you brilliant man. (Source)
            Maybe my love is for the show is because that part of me believes I’m going to end up like Jenny. Being the only woman in the show, Jenny uses her marriage as leverage in the fantasy football league. I am really coming to terms with the likelihood of future me turning into Jenny. It will probably happen.
            The one character every person on this planet should experience is Taco. I have learned many things from Taco such as: what a guest bong is, why Mr. McGibblets will always be semi-creepy if not full on creepy, and why there is such a thing as a mental erection. The man is a frittata genius in some ways.
            And then there’s Rafi. Once you’re introduced to Rafi, he will never leave your mind again. Rafi, the Bro-lo El Cunado, is a completely oblivious person. This is a man who gave everyone in a sports bar the joy of listening to seven dollars worth of Hoobastank thanks to a jukebox. 
            Being Ruxin’s brother in law is a major component everything Rafi does. Rafi gave the gift of mini brass knuckles to Ruxin’s son baby Jeffery. But the icing on the cake would be Rafi teaching baby Jeffery how to swim- “swim, swim, stab.”
Wise words about how to deal with a hangover Rafi style. (Source)
            I will always have guy friends hang over my head that I am not only a frittata Jets fan, but a frittata Jets fan who brushed off "The League" way too quickly. My response will always be “child, please.” Thank you, Andre!
            “The League” is turning into the gift that keeps on giving. So now that football season is over, having this show on Netflix Instant will keep me and football fans occupied for a very long time.

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