Thursday, February 14, 2013


A haiku for “Friends”:
Central Perk How you
Doin’ Chick Duck Smelly cat
Hugsy On a break

         In my whole life, I have never spoken to someone who has not watched an episode of “Friends”. At one point in your life, you have. There are so many friends of mine who are able to sing the theme song as soon as they hear the opening of the song. The fandom for “Friends” is that intense.
I have a bad habit of DVRing episodes when they air on TBS or Nick at Nite so I can watch them over and over. Therefore, I figured it would be appropriate to talk about “Friends” on Valentine’s Day.
I mean Ross and Rachel are one of the most known television couples. The man had a crush on Rachel since high school. Finally they dated but went “on a break”. Then they got married and divorced. And somehow they managed to get back together again. This relationship will be one of the best things ever depicted on television.
Ross and Rachel. (Source)
            One of my favorite things about “Friends” is the fact that it is timeless. Various people of all different ages and generations can watch and enjoy the show. The show follows six friends through adulthood in New York City. That’s alluring to pretty much everyone, even those who live in New York City.
            I always hate when people ask you who your favorite “friend” is. It’s pitting the six of them against each other when they all bring something different to the table.
            Jennifer Aniston will always be Rachel to me. People got haircuts known as “the Rachel”. Rachel was the spoiled girl who had to grow up and get a job after being a runaway bride. And Rachel succeeded.Watching her become independent throughout every season a major joy.

I love drunk Rachel. (Source)
            Ross will always be seen as the dinosaur guy paleontologist. He’s known as the friend who always gets married and then divorced. He married a lesbian, married one of his friends and said the wrong name at the altar. Ross is one unlucky human being. This is why I love Ross. He is the unluckiest and smartest person I have ever witnessed on television.

Thank you Ross. We all think it on a daily basis. (Source)
            Everyone loves Joey. Joey is adorable. Joey is also stupid. Somehow this combination just works out magically. He loves food just as much as he loves women, it’s pretty commendable. It’s even more admirable since he admits it.

Perfection. (Source)
            Monica will always be Ross’s little sister. She will never live down her ‘Fat Monica’ phase. Monica is the hostess and the neat freak of the group. And she’s pretty much the glue that holds whole group of friends together. Plus I quote her "I know!" shout all the time.
Oh, Monica. (Source)
            Phoebe is one of the funniest people ever. The massage therapist and animal loving vegetarian is hilarious. She is out of her mind, says the weirdest things but she makes the show that much better. Phoebe’s performances at the coffeehouse and songs are things I will never forget. Just like how I know the lyrics to “Smelly Cat”.

What a fabulous name. (Source)
And bonus points for Phoebe for marrying Paul Rudd Mike in the later seasons. Anyone who gets to act as if they’re in a relationship with Paul Rudd is one special human being.

Paul Rudd. That is all. (Source)
            I totally saved the best for last. I am a huge Chandler fan. I have no idea what he does for a living (it was something financial). I have no idea why his sarcasm and misery draws me in, but it does. Any person who attempts to tell a woman he’s moving to 15 Yemen Road, Yemen to get out of a relationship is a person I want to be friends with. I will always have such a crush on Chandler, and I’m okay with this.

Could he BE any more perfect? (Source)
            I will always love “Friends”. I'm pretty sure I will be able to recite episodes in their entirety. Just give me a few weeks.
Best roommates ever to fictionally exist. (Source)