Monday, March 18, 2013


Girls haiku:

Neon mesh tank top
Laird Williamsburg
Psycho Song Adam

            I have seen Lena Dunham naked a lot more times than I ever thought I would.
That point aside, Lena Dunham is pretty fucking awesome. Vulgar language necessary.
            Dunham is the creator of Girls. The show that revolves around post-college twenty something year olds who are so lost that is borderlines on being just plain sad.
Oh Lena. (Source)
            I have been watching Girls since the premiere of the first episode. And I am not ashamed to admit it.
            Lena Dunham is an amazing storyteller. Every single detail matters on the show. Even every single syllable of dialogue matters.
            Everyone harps on the show because Dunham is practically naked in every episode. But let’s be realistic. That’s why the show is just amazing.
            Dunham doesn’t give a shit about appearances. Not a lot of other women would be able to be naked while eating a cupcake in the bathroom.
            Dunham’s character Hannah says she thinks she’s the voice of her generation to her parents when they question her goals and her life choices. To me, Dunham is doing just that with Girls.
            This show is inspiring in the sense of how so many boundaries have been pushed.
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            Viewers witness the struggles of a group of flawed girls. We see their relationships bloom and then fall apart. We see the struggle with paying rent and trying to secure a job. We see friendships get tested.
            This is why the show is just phenomenal. It isn’t some rainbow and sunshine television show that makes us believe that things will magically fall into place after college.
            The show allows the dark side of life to be visible.
            I appreciate Lena Dunham not creating this fantasy cookie cutter land. I appreciate the struggles for success. I appreciate the flawed relationships shown. I appreciate seeing a character live a fucked up life while trying to navigate who she is in life.
Dunham is queen. (Source)
            The show is created for the girls who can appreciate this type of realistic storytelling.
            Hannah and her friends embody these women who are not perfect. They are basically the girls who have issues and are trying to work them out.
            The beauty of this show though is the fact that even guys can enjoy it. I know a few guys who have no problem admitting to this.
            I have to give credit to Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner as well. They are two executive producers also with Dunham. If it wasn’t for Apatow and Konner, Girls would not exist.
            Thank you sweet baby Jesus that Konner saw Dunham’s film Tiny Furniture and had Apatow watch it. And thank you sweet baby Jesus again for allowing them to get Dunham her own show on HBO.
            Girls is a great show, all around. It is something every person should watch.
            This show isn’t on Netflix but is available through HBO and luckily for me the HBO Go app. So fortunately you can enjoy the amazingness that is Dunham there.
What is this show without Adam? (Source)