Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Jeff, Who Lives At Home"

Jeff, Who Lives At Home:

The Duplass Brothers
Paper airplane Porsche Fate
Kevin Destiny

Why yes, yes you do. (Source)
            It was proven in Knocked Up that Jason Segel could act like the best stoner alive. And he does is again in Jeff, Who Lives At Home.
            Segel plays Jeff, the unemployed son who lives in his mom’s basement, while he is contemplating fate and destiny. Granted, we see Jeff recording himself while sitting on a toilet. No big deal.
            But Jeff’s belief systems are more deep-rooted than just discussing how prolific the movie Signs and its director M. Night Shyamalan are.
            Jeff believes the universe is providing signs everywhere, and by just looking we will discover them.
            After getting a phone call for a guy named Kevin, Jeff sets out on this journey to discover Kevin and to see what this all means.
The brothers. (Source) 
            Jeff’s older brother Pat (Ed Helms), on the other hand, is vastly different. He is unhappily married. He works at a job he isn’t too thrilled with. And he tries to make up for this by living extravagantly.
            The brothers don’t see eye to eye on anything. The two are stark contrasts. But Jeff is the one who tries to open up Pat’s eyes into how to be happy.
Something everyone should learn from. (Source)  
            Jeff and Pat go on their misadventures to rediscover what life is truly about.
            I personally love this movie. I mean, I really really really love this movie. I’m actually mad at myself for waiting so long to sit down and enjoy it.
            Mark Duplass (The League’s Pete) and his brother who Jay Duplass co-wrote and co-directed the film created a meaningful and beautiful film that could be considered cliché or silly. But it isn’t cliché or silly.
            I appreciate realistic characters that struggle with their own lives. I appreciate the realism of having these characters discover why they are the way they are, and how the have to fight to change.
Such a prolific quote. (Source) 
            Segel creates the likable Jeff who you want to be right. You want Jeff to prove why Signs matters, and why M. Night Shyamalan can sort of be forgiven for his recent shitty movies but not really because they were awful.
            Jeff, Who Lives At Home is a film that makes you believe in life. It makes you believe in the power of the universe.
            Yes, Jeff is a stoner. He’s a stoner who believes to be happy you just have to be happy, and to live you just have to live.
In search of the elusive Kevin. (Source)
            I’m happy I finally watched Jeff, Who Lives At Home on Netflix Instant. It was sitting in my queue forever. But it couldn’t have come at a better time.
            If you need a movie that can allow you to have faith in what life is about, this movie is it.
            Kudos to you Jason Segel, the Duplass Brothers, and Ed Helms. You showed what life is about in a brilliant way.