Friday, March 15, 2013

"White Collar"

White Collar haiku:

Neal Caffrey
FBI Masterpieces
Mozzie Kate Sam

            I am a sucker for a man in an impeccable suit. There is something so brilliant about that.
            I am also a sucker for FBI television shows. Especially ones that follow men dressed in impeccable suits. Because of this, White Collar is a win-win-win. We all win.
            Matt Bomer stars as Neal Caffrey, a brilliant art thief who is able to elude the FBI. Caffery is Special Agent Peter Burke’s white whale.
Neal Caffrey. I cannot. (Source)
            The series is great in the tension filled relationship between Caffery and Burke. Of course, their relationship is built on the concept of Neal helping Burke solve FBI white collar crimes.
            I kind of blew off watching White Collar since the show is from the USA network and I am beyond elitist. Without fail, I was wrong.
            White Collar is a brilliant show with great writing. The concepts they come up with are ridiculously cool.
            Neal Caffrey is the awesome and lovable criminal that managed the get away from the FBI many times.

            The show manages to push the boundaries with the end of every season. The writers and directors always manage to top themselves with every season finale. All of the seasons all focus on a larger story arc that gets resolved by the season finale.
            What I love about the show is how every single episode focuses on a case that needs to be solved. The crimes that are used are extremely interesting.
            I also appreciate how realistic White Collar is. It is one of the few shows that do not make the FBI look ridiculous to propel the storylines.
            The stories are able to hold up on their own. And they are all fascinating. Stories include heists, corrupt politicians, and even corrupt FBI agents.

            My favorite character on the show is Mozzie. Mozzie is the comedic relief for the show. He is Neal’s best friend who is also a criminal. Mozzie does not trust Burke and routinely refers to him as “The Suit”. I would watch a show that just featured Mozzie.
            So when Mozzie and Neal team up, they’re the greatest criminal duo ever. I love them.
            As of right now, Netflix Instant has three seasons of the show streaming. It is worth giving the show a chance.
            It’s worth watching a bunch of guys impeccably dressed in suits, if you are into that. And if not, the show is worth it just for the stories and action.

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